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Archaeological discoveries have proved that Cannabis hasn’t come in existence lately; instead, it has been a recreational herb that has existed for more than 3 millennium BC. Weed or marijuana, whatever you call it cannabis serves much greater purposes than experiencing Euphoria. It has spiritual and religious benefits that make it a godly product. The oldest inscription that makes the first time mention of Cannabis dates back to 2727 BC. It was recorded in writing by a Chinese Emperor, Shen Nung. Some unique purposes that Cannabis played in ancient times include the following.

  • It was used for painting automobiles.
  •  It was used to make ropes.
  •  It was used as animal fodder.
  •  It was used for pottery in the 5th millennium BC.

Different purposes were carried out by different parts of cannabis like, it was cannabis oil that was used as a paint, cannabis fiber that was used to hemp ropes, cannabis seeds that were used as animal fodder, and cannabis fiber that was used for pottery. In fact, according to many scholars, cannabis finds a mention in the Vedas as well – Bhang, an Indian drink, and Soma, an ancient medicinal herb from 1000 CE, are considered to be derivatives of cannabis.

These are some of the most authentic ancient inscriptions that mention the fact how was cannabis invented.

After invention, comes its spread throughout the globe.

It is believed that Assyrians discovered Cannabis in 3000 BC after they discovered that Aryans – preachers from the Vedic India – used Cannabis for Havana. Aryans are also considered to be the source spreaders of Cannabis to Scythians, Dacians, and Thracians.

Many other ancient records also indicate that Cannabis started spreading from Persia to Arabia somewhere between the 1230 CE. It was given different names in different countries. For example, it was known as Hashish in Egypt in the 12th century CE.

Another interesting fact about the global spread of cannabis is that smoking cannabis was not known to the world until the discovery of tobacco. The earliest pipes are known to be of Ethiopian origin and they date back to the 1320 CE.

That being said, the journey of Cannabis has been very thrilling. It was first banned in Arabia in 1300s by Soudoun Sheikouni who was the emir of Joneima. Following which, Cannabis was, and still is, declared illegal in many parts of the world. A few countries that have legalized it are Canada and a few states in the US.