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There are many ways to cultivate marijuana outdoors. Many cultivators choose to just sow the seeds straight into the ground while many choose to grow them in pots. Here is a list of benefits of cultivating marijuana outdoor in pots.

  1. They are easily portable

The biggest benefit of cultivating marijuana outdoors is that they can be easily transported from one place to another. This offers you more flexibility to cultivate it directly into soil that can be carried easily. For instance, if you live in weather extremities, you can carry your plants to a sheltered spot. Never expose your plants to any of the weather extremities as it will ruin your hard work in just a moment.

  1. You can control the plants

Here you can control the growth rate and the final size of your plants. Many varieties can easily grow up to two meters in height, means anyone can spot in and land you in trouble. When you store the plants in pots, you are ensured that once you have run out of space for the roots, they will stop the growth.

  1. You can control the uniformity and quality of the growth medium

You can also have a control on the uniformity and quality of the plant and to address any issues related to transferring it to a new pot with new soil. You can also be assured that your pots only have what you put into them and there is no kind of mixing with the native soil. The same goes for controlling unwanted pests and bacteria.

Benefits of cultivating in open soil

  1. Unlimited natural resources

The most inevitable advantage of sowing the seeds in open soil is that they have full and unlimited access to the natural resources and moisture in the roots. As the roots have no limit to grow downwards, they also fulfill their water needs from the groundwater itself. This guarantees that the plants attain their complete potential when it comes to height, vitality and yield. There is less maintenance as well.

  1. Minimal or no setup costs

Growing cannabis outdoors means reduced set up costs. Certainly, buying pots may not cost you a fortune, but aim to keep the costs low by any means. Know that investing in pots means that after a certain time, you need to transfer the plants to bigger and bigger pots means more maintenance etc.