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When it comes to marijuana, you always wonder about the female plants that produce those CBD rich buds. As a matter of fact, female marijuana plants are deemed so famous, that male plants are considered a bad omen. However, remember to never underestimate the male marijuana plants. They produce pollen like other male plants which further germinates the female buds to create more seeds. Pollen is essential for breeding as it lets you mix and match the genetics from various plant varieties and create your own marijuana seeds.

What is cannabis pollen?

It is no different from regular pollen. Pollen is referred to a fine powder which is yellow in color. It entails many microscopic grains from the pollen sac found in the male plants. Pollen helps in fertilization of female marijuana plants and create more seeds. In the wild, pollens are transferred via wind. In a manmade environment, cultivators collect pollens from male and apply it to the female plants in the flowering stage.

Collection of pollen from male plants

To check if the male plants are ready, see if the pollen sacks look full. Here are the ways to collect pollen:

  1. The easiest way is to gently remove the pollen sacs and then drying them at least for a week. Store them in a Ziploc bag.
  2. Once they are dry, then shake the bag gently and sacs should start to split and crack which releases the pollen into the bag.
  3. Remove the sacs separately and leave the yellow pollen powder.
  4. Another way to collect pollen is to just agitate the pollen sacs so that they just release the pollen into the bag directly.
  5. To do this, open the bag, bend the pollen sacs and tap them to release the pollen.
  6. Always keep in mind to remove the sacs that have fallen into the bag along with the pollen powder.

Storage of cannabis pollen

When storing the marijuana pollen, moisture is enemy here. If your pollen becomes wet, it becomes totally useless. The best way to preserve it is in a new Ziploc bag. In this way, you can always store them in a fridge for a few days. You can also part it with plain flour in the ratio of 1 part pollen and 3 part flour. This soaks in the moisture and renders pollination easier by raising the volume of the collected pollen. You can also store them with silica gel packs.