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Stinging nettle or Utica Dioica is deemed as an annoying weed by many cultivators. It is also quite prolific in its growth and can conquer a huge chunk of land that is not been addressed for quite a while. It also stings nastily upon contact which is triggered by trichomes that inject histamine into your skin. No matter its flaws, nettle is, as a matter of fact, a beneficial herb for marijuana cultivators. Apart from benefitting other plants, the plant is also used for medicinal purposes.

It’s a feisty ally

Companion planting is a process of planting other miraculous plant species around your marijuana plants. These plants are usually chosen because of their features to attract beneficial insects, cast away damaging insects and to improve the biodiversity of a garden. Stinging nettle is deemed a multifaceted companion plant and is essential for a marijuana garden. This exceptional plant helps in luring in the beneficial insects that help in protecting your plants against rodents. The beneficial leaves of these companion plants lure in ladybugs. They tend to wander around for aphids. They are a soft bodied rodent that is of various colors. These tiny critters are very common marijuana pests that penetrate the leaves with their sharp mouth and drain its internal juices.

It helps in increasing the terpene production

Another advantage is its uncommon power to increase the production of resin in marijuana plant. Male nettle plants distribute their pollen when the timing is perfect. It boosts the flavor of nearby vegetation. This tactic is helpful in marijuana cultivation as well. Nettle pollen boosts the terpene production within the trichomes of your marijuana plants that lead to a richer and more pungent resin. This leads to cultivation of attractive and better tasting marijuana flowers.

A perfect addition to the compost pile

Composting is a cost effective and incredible way to increase the quality and biodiverse nature of the soil. Healthy soil should be loaded with microorganisms that help in breaking down the organic matter into beneficial nutrients and fungi that can collaborate with the plant to offer an abundance of nutrients. Making and maintaining a compost pile is the perfect way to bestow your marijuana plant with an active and healthy rhizosphere. Compost piles are built from green matter that gives nitrogen, and brown matter offers carbon. The ratio of green to brown should be 2:1 for creating optimal compost. Nettles are perfect and free source of green matter. As they cultivate vertically, a tiny patch of nettles bestows enough green matter to keep your compost pile in best shape.