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These days, the strongest autoflowering cannabis strains are more potent than ever. A lot of growers prefer to cultivate these strains because of their small stature. Plus, they don’t rely on the best amounts of changing light and darkness to begin flowering. Autoflowers allow growers to enjoy the benefits without compromising on THC levels.

Growing Potent Autoflowers

To grow potent autoflower strains, growers not only consider breeding and genetics but also use specific techniques to increase the buds’ potency. The following are important considerations when growing the strongest THC outdoor autoflower cannabis strains:

  • Plant health. To grow potent buds, it is important to keep an eye on the overall health from the time of germination. Growers must learn about techniques to prepare for the grow.

  • Levels of light. The amount of THC the buds end up with is influenced by the intensity, duration, and kind of lighting. In general, cannabis plants that get lots of light tend to grow larger and stronger, which also includes bigger, juicier buds.

  • Harvesting and curing. Growers should harvest their buds at the right time to get as much THC as possible in the buds. Then, they need to cure the buds properly to ensure a lasting supply and good THC.

  • Genetics. Genetics decide the potential of the THC levels of the bud. That is why growers should not mind paying a bit more for good genetics.

Strongest Autoflowerse

The following are some of the strongest autoflower cannabis strains growers can consider:

  • Gorilla Glue Auto. the THC levels of this hybrid strain can reach 24% at times. The resin looks white-ish and resembles glue, although it does not smell like it. Rather, it has a pleasant, earthy scent that resembles that of pine trees.

  • Gold leaf auto. The plant is compact and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Its THC levels are at 21%. A lot of cannabis users love the aroma and flavor of this strain. This Indica-dominant strain leaves users euphoric and relaxed.

  • Zkittlez Auto. This hybrid is popular for being the strongest indica autoflowering strain. It takes around a couple of months to grow. It has a THC potency of 23%, which makes it very potent. It offers users a blast of fruit and sweetness. Because it relaxes the body until the person is cozy and chill, it is a good end-of-the-day smoke. Growers should remember that the plant has a strong odor, which can be an issue when they grow it outdoors.