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Experienced cannabis users know the difference between smoking or vaping and ingesting cannabis. Users vary in their preference; however, eating weed will generally produce a much stronger and more intense high. Meanwhile, smoking provides users with a more predictable and management hit.

How to Ingest Cannabis

Cannabis edibles have gone a long way from brownies and space cakes. These days, they can be consumed in the form of delicious gummies or infused in coffee, tea, or wine.

The Differences Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis

The high a person experiences from consuming cannabis will differ from the one they will feel if they prefer to smoke it.

Edibles take a while to produce their effects. However, they will make their presence felt when they kick in. When cannabis is ingested, the liver starts to metabolize the THC and turn it into a metabolite known as 11-hydroxy-THC. This metabolite is more potent and has a longer half-life. Meanwhile, when cannabis is smoked, the THC travels to the brain almost instantly through the lungs’ alveoli. This is the reason the user will feel the effects within minutes after smoking.

Dosing Cannabis

Dosing methods when it comes to eating and smoking cannabis vary. Due to the potency and potential to consume too much, edibles must be taken in 10 mg servings or less. Thus, those who want to consume a 100 mg THC-infused chocolate bar should cut it up into ten equal parts. Factors such as body weight and whether or not the user has taken food before consuming cannabis may also impact the outcome of the experience. For instance, taking edibles on an empty stomach may improve the potency of the high the user will experience.

Moreover, because users have more control when smoking cannabis, they often play it by ear in terms of dosing. But, those who want to be precise with the amount should first know how much THC the strain has. This can be done by multiplying how much herb a person will use with the THC percentage of their strain.

Smoking or Eating Cannabis: Which is Better?

Smoking cannabis is not ideal for people with lung issues. Also, eating the substance is not for those who have weight issues or diabetes. However, when taken in moderation, either method won’t make an issue for the user. Ultimately, it depends on one’s preference. Those who don’t want to fill their chests with smoke or vapor will prefer to consume cannabis and those who want to manage their weight will choose to use a pipe.