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These days, people are looking to use marijuana concentrates for their heightened potency. Whether you want to use cannabis to relax after way or treat chronic pain, concentrates such as wax can be a great option. Indeed, cannabis wax is the desired concentrate because of its THC content, which is usually equivalent to 15-20 joints of high-quality.

How Cannabis Wax is Made

Cannabis wax comes with a DIY feel as it can be made at home using solvent-based extraction techniques. But, it should only be made by those who are experienced in this field. Making the wax at home involves taking the cannabis buds and packing them into a tube or pipe. Then, the butane should be forced over the plant material. The fluid will bond with buds’ psychoactive material and draw the compound from the plant.

Another way to make cannabis waxy is using isopropyl alcohol. The process includes submerging the weed in alcohol for a short period before draining it through a micro sieve. The liquid will then be strained or filtered several times. When the alcohol evaporates, a sticky, super-concentrated THC extra is left behind.

Using Cannabis Wax

Those who want to use the wax in a vape or joint should have it prepared in some ways. Cannabis wax is quite sticky, so it can be difficult to handle. The following are the popular ways to use the wax:

  • Vaping. Cannabis users can enjoy marijuana wax using a well-suited vape pen made with a ceramic or quartz heating chamber and titanium coils. To retain the potency and quality of the wax, it is important to invest in a high-quality model.

  • Dabbing. For this method, users need a dab rig to heat the concentrates to high temperatures using a dab nail. Using a blowtorch, the nail is heated, a dab of wax is touched with the nail, causing it to vaporize and become consumable. When the user inhales, they can experience a hard-hitting high. The onset of the high from a dab is nearly instant. That is why this consumption method is ideal for people who want relief from their chronic pain.

  • Sprinkling It on a Joint. Wax concentrates can be sprinkled while rolling up a joint or packing a bowl. The better option for this method is crumble wax, but wax can also work if it is the only option available. Resin and budder should be avoided because it’s too sticky and maybe over the hand instead of in the roll.