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The ale cannabis plant does not have the best reputation. Indeed, the majority of growers toss male plants out to avoid pollination of the female plants. However, male cannabis plants have many valid uses. Read on to know how to best use a male cannabis plant:

Is It Possible to Smoke Male Cannabis Plants?

The answer is yes. However, male plants don’t have a lot of cannabinoids or terpenes, which makes smoking cannabis worthwhile. These compounds are abundant in female cannabis flowers. Although growers can let the male plant grow to produce cannabinoids, this will compromise the quality of the female plant. When the male plant releases pollen and fertilizes the female flowers, the plants will stop producing resin and produce seeds instead.

Using a Male Plan to Breed Strains

Many advanced growers prefer to create their own special buds that meet their desired flavor, yields, and high. This can be achieved by combining the best qualities of different strains with careful breeding. But, this requires male plants. The male will contribute 50% of the genetic material when breeding one’s top-shelf bud.

Choosing the Right Male Plant for Breeding

Because male plants are not smoked, it is not easy to find the best plant that has the best flavor. Often, breeders choose their male plant through the elimination process.

Generally, males that grow fast or tall should not be discarded. Often, they may be lacking in terms of bud quality. Male plants that flower too early are eliminated. Plants that tend to flower at unexpected times are likely to become intersex. Breeders can pick good males based on their stems. Normally, big, hollow stems are a good sign. Also, plants that have an air bud structure must be eliminated. The best ones to keep are those with dense and tightly-packed buds to guarantee good yields.

Other Uses of Male Cannabis Plants

Male plants can be used to make a healthy cannabis juice or tea because of their small cannabinoid content. The juice is a good source of nutrients and can be a vessel to deliver the benefits of CBD without the high or other unwanted side effects. Also, the leave of a male plant can be used for making tea.

Moreover, the male plant can be used for making hash and concentrates, as mulch, and to harvest edible seeds. In fact, the roots of the plant are packed with interesting phytochemicals that may offer some holistic value.