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For decades people have been debating about which one is the best, indoor-grown cannabis or outdoor-grown cannabis, and the way it is going, this may go on for a while. To determine which method is the best, we need to look at the unique factors that affect the flower when produced indoors and outdoors.

Traditionally, people have been growing cannabis outdoors and as a result of that, it has become a norm that weed is only grown outdoors. But with the change of time, law restrictions, and advancement in technology, people have managed to grow and yield the same quality of cannabis indoors too.

Is growing CBD indoors better than outdoor?

Well, technically both of them have their own characteristics depending on the type of soil been used, the consumer’s criteria, and many other factors. Here are three factors that you might need to keep in mind before deciding which one is the best for you –

  1. Quality: Frankly speaking, we are all accustomed to cannabis being grown outside. We have all seen that for years and years, but in reality, things have changed. While outdoor-grown weed is the norm at many places, they are not of high quality always. You get a smoother and rich flavor from indoor-grown cannabis, and they are often indistinguishable from the outdoor flowers and may cost a bit more

  2. External control: While sun rays being one of the most important factors in growing weed, you can never know what nature has in her mind. Dust, insects, animals, bad weather can easily degrade the quality of your flower. If grown indoors, you can meticulously control all the factors that need to be kept under control for a good yield. This not only favors good quality of cannabis but can also make its price high.

  3. Terpene content: While outdoor-grown cannabis can have a good quantity of terpene in them that helps to enrich the bud with flavor, indoor-grown cannabis can also be grown with high levels of terpene. The lower the amount of energy wasted by the plant to stay alive, the higher will be the amount of terpene it will produce.

Thus, the difference between outdoor-grown and indoor-grown CBD is not that high. For high-quality cannabis, it is suggested to go for indoor grown plants as they can be controlled and grown, giving you a finer and richer taste and flavor.