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We all want to smoke some of that good weed, don’t we? But what if you are in a situation where you have some of the best weed but no grinders. Ever been in such a situation before? Well, I certainly have, and that is not a situation to be in.

Not having a grinder in your kit makes it difficult to enjoy your prized possession, but there are a lot of ways that you can easily apply to grind your flower. All it takes is just some creativity and imagination.

3 Ways to Grind Marijuana Without a Grinder

There are many ways to grind the bud without using your typical weed grinder, you just need to remove the stem and break the bud into small chunks.

  1. Using household kitchen appliances: One of the best ways to grind your marijuana is to use everyday household kitchen appliances such as coffee grinders, cheese graters, mortar and pestles.

    1. Coffee grinder: First, make sure that the grinder you are using is clean and hygienic. As the name suggests, it is also a grinder, which in fact can easily grind your buds. Pack the buds in small sizes and grind them finely.

    1. Cheese grater: Use a clean cheese grater to grate your marijuana on a plate, but be cautious of your fingers.

    1. Mortar and Pestles: Make sure your weed is dry before you put it in the mortar and grind it loosely using the pestle. Remember to wash them after use.

  1. Using a coin and a prescription bottle: Get yourself a clean prescription bottle or a film canister, fill ½ of it with your flower, and put a coin on the top. Make sure to keep the coin loose, and then close the lid and shake it well for a minute or two. You will have freshly ground marijuana in no time.

  2. Using a shot glass and scissors: Take a shot glass and place your bud in it and start cutting it with a scissor. This is a bit difficult but will work no matter what. Make sure to use a dry glass.

There are so many ways to grind your bud without even using a grinder. Follow the above-mentioned ways, and if you are facing a problem with them, you can always use your fingers to simply pick it apart and enjoy that good smoke.