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Understanding pH Levels and EC – What is the PH of whater

One common question that many novice growers ask about cannabis cultivation is about the “PH” or “EC” and it indeed is quite important. You might have seen those initials in many tutorials, but may not know what pH or EC really means. We will explain very clearly what PH and EC refer to, what they are used for, and how to calibrate their levels correctly.


What is pH Level?

The PH is the value using which the alkalinity of water is measured; this is heartburn. PH stands for “pondus Hydrogenium” or the weight of hydrogen, which measures the amount of free ions. In short, it indicates acidity levels.

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Why Is It Important to Measure the Acidity of Water?

Measuring the acidity of water and knowing the PH is very important for cannabis plants to grow healthy. If we water our plants with highly acidic or slightly acidic water, the plants cannot absorb all the needed nutrients from the substrate (ground). Each nutrient is easily absorbed with an adequate level of acidity.

In some of the graphical illustrations, you will be able to see how each nutrient is absorbed better with specific levels of acidity. If the plant is watered with highly acidic water, you cannot eat properly, as the water is slightly acidic.

If marihuana grows on land, the right acidity level for irrigation during the growing season should be 6.2, and during the flowering stage it should be 6.4. It is important to increase the acidity during flowering for the plant to better absorb phosphorus and potassium.

If marijuana plants grow in Coco or water (hydroponics), we use a PH level of 5.5 to the growth cycle and PH level of 5.8 for the flowering cycle, so the plants can absorb all the nutrients they need without problems.

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How to Find the PH Level of the Irrigation Water?

PH meters are digital and you can buy them in grow shops or through ebay for little money. They are very effective and necessary for a good marijuana yield.

With these meters, you can find out the PH level of your irrigation water in just a few seconds. They are very practical and will help you get a good harvest. A well-fed and cared-for plant will give you more careless production plant.


¿Si mi nivel de PH no es correcto, como lo subo o lo bajo?

Existen a la venta en Grow Shops o tiendas de cultivo, unos productos líquidos específicos para subir o bajar el nivel de PH del agua. Se añaden unas pocas gotas, con la ayuda de un dosificador o jeringuilla, y el nivel del agua sube o baja, dependiendo del producto que utilicemos. Así podemos nivelar la acidez del agua al punto que nosotros queramos.


What If My PH Level Is Not Correct As I Go Up or Down…?

Some specific liquid products are available in grow shops to raise or lower the pH level of water. A few drops are added with the help of a dispenser or syringe, and the water’s pH level rises or falls, depending on the product you use. So, you can level the acidity to the point that you want.


What Happens If I Adjust the PH Level?

Your plant cannot absorb nutrients properly, so you will not get a healthy plant or a plant as large as a production well fed and cared-for plant.

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Understanding the Electro-Conductivity

EC abbreviation indicates the “electro-conductivity” of irrigation water; it is the amount of nutrients that the water has.

It is very important to have an EC meter in your culture. When you use fertilizers in irrigation water, you can know what amount of food you are giving them to the plants. Remember that plants require specific levels of power. If the minimum levels of food supplies are not provided, the plant does not grow or flourish properly. Exceeding the power limits may cause over-fertilization, which would also harm your plant, and sometimes even kill them.

You can buy a digital EC meter from Grow Shop or any retail store (also on eBay). With this, you can measure the amount of food the plants receive and cannabis cultivation is fully optimized, as far as food is concerned.


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section, and we will help you out.