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What’s It Like to Smoke Marijuana?

It’s common to find many people saying that they would like to try marijuana, but they find it daring to do so because of the bad experiences they would have heard about smoking it from third parties.

The fact is that there are plenty of such myths about marijuana. For instance, the myth that people who smoke weed end up getting addicted to other hard drugs like heroin is completely false.
To clarify such myths, the UN classified marijuana as a type of soft drug, whereas alcohol is listed as a hard drug. There are several deaths that are being reported every year due to smoking or alcohol consumption, but this is not the case with marijuana.

Having said that the following sections of the article would clarify what it’s like to use marijuana.

The first thing to know is that there are several thousands of varieties of marijuana and not all of them are equal. Few of the varieties are more potent, while the others are milder in terms of effect. Some of them have relaxing effects, while some others have the ability to activate mind and body. Few varieties come with citrus flavours, but others may have woody or fruity flavours. The classification of marijuana varieties is literally very extensive and it’s important to know what kind of effect marijuana smoking can have on the body and mind based on the variety.

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Marijuana Types and Effects

Marijuana Indica variety, within which there are thousands of strains that share many qualities like the kind of effect, intensity, etc, is known for offering a calming, soothing effect; sometimes, a narcotic effect can also be experienced.

If you smoke this variety, you’ll soon get to notice how your body starts to relax as your mind seems to forget the daily life stress to enter into a comfort level filled with pleasure. Depending on how much you smoke, the quality, strain, and power, this effect will be more or less intense and lasting.

Generally, the effects can be felt within a few minutes after smoking and can get to its peak in around thirty minutes. The average duration for which it may last is around 2-3 hours, though it may extend a little longer. The effect will obviously fade as the hours pass by.

This variety of marijuana is widely used by people with muscle pain as it helps to mitigate the pain. People under stress and having problem sleeping also prefer indica varieties. Most marijuana strains are used for recreational purpose – just to relax and enjoy its effects!

Marijuana Sativa is the second important variety, which is characterised by exactly the opposite features of indica, providing activating effects, both physically and mentally. Within this group, again there are thousands of strains, effective flavours, and power differing from one another. However, there are specific patterns in the kind of effect they offer.

If you happen to smoke marijuana sativa, you’ll notice how your mind opens up and your ideas get clearer with different perspective of reality. This activator offers a clear effect that can trigger your creativity. The same is applicable for your body as well – smokers of this variety will have increased desire to do things, to dance, walk or just move around. It’s a completely opposite feeling of what you get to experience with the indica varieties.

Usually, this kind of medical marijuana is used by patients undergoing chemotherapy to raise their spirits and improve their appetite.

The next is the Marijuana Hybrid variety, which is the result of crossing the above two varieties. Logically speaking, it’s not possible to determine the kind of effects this breed of marijuana will have on the smokers. So, if you want to purchase hybrid marijuana, consult the seed bank that offers the strain to find out its effects. As hybrids, their effects can be sativa dominant, indica dominant or a mixture of both.

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of varieties within these three groups. It’s crucial to know the effects that the chosen varieties will have on consumption.

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How to Smoke Marijuana?

The most classic way to smoke marijuana is using a joint (either by mixing marijuana with snuff or just simple marijuana joint). If you’ve never smoked weed before, you should not consume it abruptly as you may lack the tolerance capacity. In such cases, you may have to consume in moderation.

You can just smoke a little and wait for half an hour to assess the intensity of its effects. It’s advised to drink some juice since you may experience dryness in your mouth. Depending on the kind of weed you smoke, the effects may be more durable, softer and faster. Some kinds of marijuana, especially sativa varieties, can increase your heart rates. There’s nothing to be worried about this as it’s absolutely normal and is experienced all marijuana users.

In order to enjoy the best experience, it’s recommended for first-time smokers to smoke in the company of friends who already have experience smoking. They may be able to advise you about how to do it. People who are prone to getting panic attacks, mentally impaired or nervous, should avoid consuming marijuana as such individuals will not be able to experience well. They might also have a hard time doing it.

Besides using a joint, you can also smoke marijuana using a vaporizer to avoid consuming harmful substances as there’s the burning of grass, snuff or smoking cigarette paper. The method here also is the same as the one followed for smoking. Just go for a small shed and wait for half an hour to assess the effects.

Marijuana can be used by including it as an ingredient in biscuits and sweets. If you don’t have experience smoking cannabis or lack the tolerance, this is not the best way to consume for the first time because marijuana intake produces a more durable and powerful effect than smoking. Even if you happen to intake, consume a very small amount of the cookie or cake and wait for 2-3 hours to see the effects before consuming again. If you feel a good effect, don’t consume again; if you want more effects, consume another portion.

Finally, marijuana can also be infused in tea and consumed. Just like in earlier cases, take a small sip if it’s your first time and wait for an hour to assess the effects.

Needless to say, avoid mixing marijuana with alcohol or any other psychoactive substance.

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What’s It Like to Consume Marijuana?

When marijuana is consumed in moderation, regular consumers describe the effects as: peace, love, happiness, clarity, and relaxation. Depending on the kind of marijuana consumed, there could be extended moments of plenty of laugh, especially with sativa varieties.

When weed is eaten by including it in edible items, the effects generally start slowly and reach the peak in around half an hour. In few hours, the effects begin to fade slowly, generally over the course of 2-3 hours. However, few varieties could be more potent with longer lasting effects.

If weed is consumed without moderation, the effects may get very strong, leading you to undergo a very bad time filled with fear and anxiety. You could also experience a sudden drop in glucose levels. In such cases, you will have to relax and lie down with your knees lifted up. Consume something with a little sugar and wait for the effects to pass away.
Consuming marijuana in moderation is the key as is the case with everything else in life. For instance, if you eat seafood, it’s a good meal, but if you eat plenty of eat, you are sure to be down with diarrhoea or stomach ache.

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