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Let’s get to know marijuana in depth

The word marijuana (with an accent) is always present on the tips of the tongues of the entire human population, seemingly. But the knowledge about it just ends at knowing its name and effect. With knowledge comes expertise, and stoner always craves for better skunk every next time he smokes up. And the biggest complication is that many people cannot differentiate between the good – good and the bad – good. So we present you a guide to the basics of finding the great stuff out there in a structured manner.


This is a type of marijuana which has a calming effect on the consumer and it makes you peaceful, anxiety free and relieved at mind and body. Indica is a short dense plant, high in CBD that untangles all the knots of a hectic bound schedule at once.


The energetic, talkative and philosophizing trip is a gift of smoking up a sativa plant. Rich in THC, it shows more psychoactive effect than other types. Under its influence creativity reaches beyond horizons and thought process is reinforced.


This is a unique category not as renowned as other two. This wild and rare variety originated from Russia and is unexpectedly short as it grows upto 2 feet only. The leaves are smaller and fewer in number also low in THC which makes it unsuitable for the recreational purposes. They, in fact, are more similar to hemp in their terms of their chemical profile.


How would you like a joint which makes you happy, energetic and joyful, while letting you have a proper sleep, peace and relief in the back of your mind? This clearly suggests like it’s a mixture of the above two types, so does its name ‘Hybrid’. This is genetically mixed breed of plants scientifically called ‘strain’ which is a medley of perfect desired characteristics of one type with the other.


THC is short for Tetrahydrocannabidiol, commonly known as the active ingredient of marijuana. This produces dopamine, the hormone inducing pleasure and high in a smoke up session. While THC is in a plant of marijuana in its original form it acts as a defensive system against herbivores and keep the flowers protected.


The protective THC is embraced in the crystal flagella like structures called trichomes. In the bulbs of these trichomes, THC rests. If looked closely they are present in two different colors: amber and white. The former one gives a feeling of relaxation while latter induces a cerebral high, which is ecstatic.