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Legalizing cannabis has been a controversial topic for decades now. Despite its health benefits, many countries are reluctant to open the market for legal sale to the public.

Only a few countries including the likes Colombia, Argentina, and Canada have legalized cannabis use. In total, only 26 countries in the world have legalized cannabis for recreational use.

Now, its consumption can always be counteracted with the obsolete notion that cannabis is a gateway drug, but, the truth is that it isn’t. Instead, it has remarkable health benefits. Thus, making it legal with amount restrictions for the public seems to be a good idea.

So, if you’re keen to find out, insofar, the benefits of legalizing Cannabis, this is the right guide for you.

How is Legalizing Cannabis Beneficial for Public?

Making cannabis legal will have the following prospects.

1. It Will Reduce Smuggling

Cannabis is smuggled and sold at higher rates. If legalized, it can be easily made available at chemist shops and other approved stores.

Also, the matter of truth is that:

• Selling cannabis can increase any country’s revenue manifolds.
• It’s much safer than alcohol and tobacco.

2. Customers will Get High-quality Weed

Since cannabis is illegal, it gets extremely difficult to find high-quality and superior stains. As a result, customers are forced to consume low quality products that are infected with molds and even pesticides. But, legalizing it will ensure safety because:

• Customers will consume only the quality approved weed.
• They will be able to buy any stain of their choice depending upon their budget.

3. It Will Help Chain Smokers To Quit

Cannabis can be as effective as nicotine patches to give up smoking.

Since it contains natural relaxants like THC and CBD instead of tobacco that’s extremely harmful, it is the best gateway for smokers to finally quit their addiction. The reasons that it’s so effective are listed below.

• It reduces the intensity and frequency of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
• It has been medically proven to be able to reduce addictive behavior in alcoholics and chain smokers.
• It reduces anxiety and panic attacks by reducing nicotine craving.

Besides, it’s considered safest to help addicts recover because it isn’t addictive itself.

4. It Will Reduce Crime

As surprising as it sounds, legalizing marijuana can actually reduce crime rate. That’s because, when legalized:

• It will reduce death rate during trafficking.
• It will reduce hate crime against black people willing to buy or sell cannabis.
• It will reduce teen crime rate.

For as much as one takes away with this guide, making marijuana legal will help public and governments alike.