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Cannabis is quite a unique plant where you can use its leaves, stems, as well as roots. And, this variety calls out to the need of different methods to consume cannabis. So, keeping in mind the consideration that not everyone is a pro, we are making a mention of 3 ways in which cannabis can be consumed to get the maximum physical and psychological benefits.

1. Inhalation Methods

Smoking marijuana is the most orthodox method of inhaling. That said, you can, however, smoke it in a number of ways. The ones we believe are the most popular choices are listed below.

• Vaporization Method – Many people prefer this method since it is one of the best ways to purify the best concentrated by heating the leaves and flowers of cannabis.
• Hookahs – This is one of the most diverse ways of smoking marijuana since you can use hand pipes and water pipes for the purpose. Besides, hand pipes and water pipes are individual methods of smoking as well.
• Joints – This is the most popular method of smoking marijuana. Usually rolling papers used to make a joint are made of hemp and bamboo.

2. Oral Methods

Oral methods are ingestible methods of consuming cannabis. The most popular ones include the following.

• Tinctures – Also known as liquid cannabis, tinctures are for people who want to get high in no time without smoking. You need a solvent to activate the tincture though. The most popular solvent is alcohol followed by vinegar and glycerol.
• Edibles – The most popular ones are weed cakes, weed brownies, and weed hot chocolate. Some other rare ones that are equally as good include cannabis tea and cannabis jelly bears.
• Ingestible Oils – These can either be ingested as it is or filled in Digestible capsules. This is the most convenient method for anyone who wants to monitor the doze they consume.

3. Topical Method

As funny as it may sound, topical method is one of the best ways to attain the health benefits of cannabis without getting high. It involves the process of activating cannabinoids in marijuana that are then absorbed by the body cells. It is a localized treatment that can be used to relieve muscle cramps and joint pains.

That brings us to the end of this guide. The method that you choose will depend upon your personal likes. The only consideration that you shouldn’t overlook is using high-quality cannabis stains only.