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If you know absolutely nothing about cannabis strains, it’s best to start with some basic research. There are three types of strains – Indica, sativa, and hybrids. Most strains available today are hybrids, which can be either sativa or indica dominant. Sativa strains are known for calming and energizing impact, while indica strains are best reserved for nighttime use to sleep better. There’s also THC – tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the only compound in cannabis that produces a high. The strongest cannabis strains are likely to be high in THC. If you are looking for choices, we have a list below for help.

  1. Godfather OG. The strain is called godfather for a reason. The THC content of Godfather OG can be as high as 34%, depending on the season and grower. Godfather OG is often recommended for stress and anxiety, but this is not something that beginners should start with.

  2. Hulkberry. The THC content of Hulkberry is around 28%, which is just what most cannabis enthusiasts look for. Expect a calming effect on your brain and a body high, considering that the parent strains are Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. As for medical cannabis users, Hulkberry is a good choice for pain and muscle spasms.

  3. Kosher Kush. With THC content of 20%, Kosher Kush is a known indica that works best for nighttime use. Expect an instant euphoria with this one, but Kosher Kush can also make you feel sleepy. If you want to get stoned, this is easily among the best strains for money.

  4. The White. This strain gets its name from the white appearance, and you may have a hard time finding The White in many dispensaries. The average THC content of The White is around 25%, and you can expect instant high, which can last for long. This is also one of the better stress for anxiety and pain.

  5. Green Gelato. This is a highly potent strain with THC concentration of 25% or higher. The parentage of Green Gelato includes Thin Mint Cookies, which is again a popular strain. You can expect an incredible body high with this strain, and it may take a few hours to get out of its effects.

Some of the other strong strains that deserve a mention include Ghost Train Haze, Chemdog and White Fire OG. It is best to check all the details of a strain before buying, and yes, make sure that you are experienced enough to try these strong strains.