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Cannabis Aroma

Cannabis lovers adore its smell. Marijuana has a unique, unmistakable aroma, a fragrance that changes from one plant to another, from one variety to another, a scent that adapts to the type of farming and environment. Plus, the smell of cannabis is like a proper storyteller: it brings you places, and has a long history behind it.

Scientists have wondered what factors determine the scent of cannabis. It turns out that the first key elements are the so-called terpenes, aromatic compounds found in thousands of plants, which, like hormones, vary indicating the status of the plant. Researchers Eun-Soo Kim and Paul g. Mahlberg discovered that these variations are due to the anatomy of the trichomes, elements that create resin glands that begin to develop during the growth of the plant and become visible especially during flowering. These glands help the terpenoid compounds to evaporate, come into contact with the atmosphere and linger in the air.

In the cannabis plant the trichomes are stretched and close together and this enhance the potency of the smell. These researches confirm essentially what growers and cannabis lovers have always known: the fragrance of the plant is like its voice. It communicates its health and well-being, it is unique, strong and consistent, just like the plant itself, and lingers in the air with its sharp and deep notes.

In ancient times this smell was considered a proper perfume, and cannabis-based oils were used not only as healing products but also as eaux de Cologne. Some people even thought the aroma had aphrodisiac properties. As a matter of fact, the person who buys his own seeds, grow cannabis plants at home, and lives with them, with care and patience can try to create a unique scent, better than any other commercial product. Talking about commercial products, on the other hand, many companies are creating and selling cannabis-based eaux de Cologne, perfumes, deodorants, soaps, shampoos… for men, women and even dogs.

The charming aroma of marihuana has also entered the realm of gastronomy, where cooks prepare cookies and cakes that vaguely smell like cannabis. Like a journey back in time, the quest for the mythical cannabis-scent brings us back to the beginning of human history, passing through millennia in which this fragrance has accompanied man. The path was interrupted only by the recent criminalization, but now finally cannabis is back…and it is here to stay.