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South Dakota is among the few states to have legalized both medical and recreational cannabis at the same time. While the matter is being challenged in court, this offers much-needed relief to cannabis enthusiasts and those in need of medical marijuana. 52% of voters voted in favor of recreational cannabis, while an astounding 69% voters voted for medical marijuana. So, can you just go ahead and buy cannabis products in South Dakota? Not yet! Here are some facts worth knowing.

The basics

You might feel extremely excited, just like us, about the new laws, but wait before you light up the bong! In South Dakota, marijuana is still illegal until 1st July 2021. South Dakota has always been one of the most conservative states, and therefore, the current change comes as a surprise to many. Wait until July 2021 to get recreational and medical cannabis in the state, and it will be legal for all adults, aged 21 or above. It is legal to only own/possess up to one ounce of cannabis at a time. For concentrates, the limit will be 8 grams. Medical cannabis users can possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis.

Can you grow cannabis at home in South Dakota?

Yes, after July 1, 2021, it is legal to grow up to three plants of cannabis at home in July 1, 2021. For each household, the limit is six plants, no matter the number of adults living. By the way, you can grow cannabis for sure, but ensure that you wait until the due date, and your plants shouldn’t be visible to others.

When can one expect medical cannabis cards?

Again, you will have to wait, probably until July 1, 2021. Initially, you may get a temporary card, before the Health Department issues permanent medical marijuana cards. The first dispensaries are likely to open sometime next year, but don’t expect any good news in that regard for at least first half of the year. For recreational cannabis, the wait is going to be longer, with many predicting late 2022. The Department of Revenue has the set date of April 1, 2022 to set up the rules, regulations and other details related to sale of recreational cannabis, but it may take longer for licensed dispensaries to come.

Note that recreational cannabis in South Dakota will be subjected to a tax of 15%, but medical cannabis will not have that tax.