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“Don of all OGs” – That’s what many people would like to call this strain. Counted among the most potent Indica strains available in the market, the THC content is at astounding 28%, although in some websites, it has been reported to be 34%. The first thing that you must know about this cannabis strain is its potency. This indica cannabis strain has buds that are extremely high in trichomes. The contributing strains are Bubba Kush, L.A Confidential and GDP (short for the famed Granddaddy Purps). Known for its sedative effects, Godfather OG is definitely not for starters, and it can be highly sedative, which is why many people with insomnia find this strain to be extremely effective.

Things to know

Godfather OG is best used for insomnia, stress, and chronic pain. This is a true Indica in the real sense, and as with most indica strains, Godfather OG is best reserved for nighttime use. One of the key things to know is how it works on the body. A little extra of this strain can give you serious side effectives, like dry mouth and paranoia. In other words, less is more when it comes to Godfather OG. The THC content of the produce may vary, but at the least, you can expect most Godfather OG buds to have a THC level of 25%, which is again higher than most average strains.

What to expect?

Godfather OG is often used by those who want to just relax, feel calm and at ease. The effects start setting in soon after smoking, and we recommend that you go easy, given the potency. The strain may have some use for those who are suffering from depression, mood disorders and anxiety, but again, it is always best to use any high-THC strain with care. You will feel incredibly sleepy with this strain, so make sure that you don’t have much to worry for the next day.

Final Verdict

For the unversed, this strain won the top spot for being the best Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013. That says a lot. If you are into indica strains, you should definitely consider giving a shot to the Godfather OG, which is definitely worth its name and hype. Many dispensaries have other potent varieties too, but the Godfather OG stands out! Check online now to find the best dispensaries that sell this strain near you!