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Cloning is a common technique not just for marijuana but for many plants. This is to ensure that the plant which you next grow has similar desirable qualities that were present in your first plant. One of the other benefits of cloning is that you are already familiar with how the plant grows. Since it will have the same growth pattern, produce and conditions, the growing process will become easier. The number which a mother plant can produce is 50 per week.

Here are the top three cloning techniques that are widely used:

Rockwool method

In the Rockwool method, most of the leaves except for the top portion are cut off. The next procedure would be to place the plant in rooting gel or powder. Later it should be kept under CFL light with an average temperature of 22 to 24 degrees of temperature. With proper care, it can be observed that the roots start growing within 8 to 9 days. Before placing Rockwool, the ideal ph the water should contain is 5.5. Post coating the same with rooting gel, you have to set the temperature to an ideal level.

Soil method

The soil method is comparatively easier when compared to the Rockwool method. One has to ensure that he or she slant cut the stem and place it in soil with an ideal temperature. Regular spraying of water and placement of CFL lights for the plant is a necessity. Further, it is recommended to use a rooting machine to cut the plants properly.

Water method

The water method requires the plants to be put inside water which has already been utilized for the growth of previous plants. This is because the plant requires its average nutrients to grow. In this method, one aspect that one needs to be careful about is the prevention of the growth of algae in increased amounts. Algae would stunt your plant’s growth as it would clog the roots. Unlike other methods, it is important to keep sunlight a little minimal. This can be done by using a dark container. Like all methods, in this technique as well rooting gel has to be used with water of ph 5.8. The result of it will take up to 5 to 7 days.

The grower can use any one of the above techniques. Water is applicable only if there are a few numbers of plants to grow. The preferred method used by many experienced growers is Rockwool.