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Cannabis or Marijuana is an herbal extract derived from the seeds, flowers, and leaves of the plant Cannabis Sativa. Unlike the belief, it isn’t a potentially harmful ‘drug’. Instead, its use has been legalized in many countries, including many states of the US and Canada. Why? It has medical benefits. When taken in moderation, cannabis has shown the potential to treat people suffering from anxiety and depression. It induces a state of Euphoria and it also helps sleep better. It is, therefore, at times, also used as prescribed medicine.

Now comes the major question that ticks the mind bomb – can cannabis be addictive? Well, a lot of people believe that it is. But that’s not the entire truth. Cannabis addiction is very very rare. Only its abuse can lead to addiction but that’s the case with all other medicinal drugs too. As long as you’re careful to not abuse it, it will not lead to addiction. Statistically speaking, if about 30% of people smoke weed, there’s only a small group that’s less than 9% that shows the addictive trait. That being said, addiction mostly happens in youngsters who start smoking cannabis very early and prefer binge smoking.

As surprising as it sounds, alcohol addiction is far more common than cannabis addiction. In most cases, the only rare side-effects that may occur include hangover, dry mouth, headache, and vomiting. The bottom line, cannabis does more good than bad. All that’s needed of you is to be careful. The most recommended ways to consume cannabis in a way that addiction can be kept at bay are listed below.

• Avoid binge-smoking. Also, do not start consuming weed brownies directly. Begin by developing a taste for smoking weed. It is because ingestion stays in the system longer than smoking.
• Make a habit of sharing a joint with 4-5 people at a time so that you don’t end up smoking the entire joint yourself.
• Also, avoid making a smoking pattern. As in, do not bring marijuana smoking in your body clock. It usually happens if the smoker decides that he/she will smoke every weekend and so on. In other words, don’t get your mind to depend upon cannabis.
• Do not smoke cannabis empty stomach and avoid consuming it with alcohol.

Conclusively, all that’s required is for you to know your limits. Understand what quantity is a safe quantity. These simple considerations will keep you safe from the addiction of all kinds.