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Arjan Roskam, a Dutch, is the founder of Green House Seed Company known for cannabis genetics. He is a cannabis entrepreneur who is looked upon as “The King of Cannabis”. Besides getting cannabis sold at his Green House coffee shops, he keeps travelling in search of some rare cannabis strain that he can lay his hands on.

Arjan has been involved with cannabis right from the 1980s after the new policy adopted by the Netherland government. Though drugs are forbidden in the country, the government designed a drug policy in 1975, which tolerates smoking cannabis under an umbrella of some strict terms and conditions. Under this rule, the coffee shops were allowed to sell soft drugs with a restriction that they cannot sell more than five grams of it in a day to a particular person, cannot sell it to underage customers and they cannot advertise about drugs. Only persons of age 18+ are allowed to buy it from coffee shops. Also, the coffee shops cannot cultivate weed and at any given time they can only keep 500gm of it on their premises.

Roskam, who is now known for his lead role in “Strain Hunters,” a television series came up with the idea of strain hunting expeditions in 2005. Back then, one fine day, he announced that they will film the team’s strain hunting expeditions. The other partners were apprehensive of this idea and thought it will cost them their business. Arjan was always in favor of legalizing marijuana and was an active activist for this cause. He didn’t care if people consider him crazy. Marijuana always was and is his first love.

Roskam’s cannabis journey began accidentally after meeting a medicine man in the north of Thailand in 1982. This man was treating people suffering from opiate addiction by marijuana. He told Roskam that it is a powerful medicine and gave him a handful of seeds. Though Roskam misplaced them during his trip, he got a purpose in his life and since then he is working on cannabis. Prior to that, he wanted to become a world-renowned chef, but this encounter with a medicine man in Thailand changed his life forever.

His cannabis journey started by growing skunk and then he travelled to Thailand, Nepal, and Southeast Asia to get seeds and started breeding sativas and cross strains. Once he started, he never looked back and till date, he is busy in his cannabis kingdom.