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With many countries now decriminalizing weed and understanding its benefits, more and more people are joining the “420” community. So, this valentine’s day what better than gifting your weed lover partner things that will make their sessions more fun? If you are still confused, then here are the top 5 gifts that you can gift your pot-head partners who love their pot:

1. Specialized Grinder: Trust us; there is nothing better than gifting a cute little grinder to your special one. It is one of the most essential equipment when consuming weed. There are various grinders available for you to choose from, that come in different shades, sizes, metals, and some even premium or can be personalized just for your special person.

2. Cookbook for Potheads: Cooking can be more fun when you add marijuana to it. There are cookbooks available that have amazing recipes to cook with weed, which will make your valentine’s date highly romantic and delicious. Now you and your partner may not be restricted to just cooking edibles.

3. Cannabis Scented Candles: When it comes to valentine’s gifts, scented candles are one of the most intimate gifts, and when you get the option of gifting cannabis-scented candles, you won’t regret it at all. It fills the room with its herbaceous and authentic smell that will take you to happy places even without smoking any weed.

4. Rolling Papers: Of course! The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about weed is rolling paper. You might go with gifting regular rolling paper, but if you really want to make an effort in your gifting then, there are special rolling papers with various designs on it which gives luxurious and aesthetic feels while smoking it.

5. A Rolling Kit: If you are looking for something big and an all-in-one type of gift, then a rolling kit is perfect for you. Most of these boxes are light-weighted, easy to carry and smell-proof so that no one knows about the hidden gems inside it. These kits usually include packs of rolling paper, few filters, rolling machine, basic grinder, in-built rolling tray, and some marijuana in small containers, for you and your partner to have many long sessions together.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance, and nothing can be more romanticized than sharing joints while getting high together with your lover.