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If you’ve been asking yourself repeatedly if or not cannabis can help in anxiety management, then the answer is, yes. Yes, cannabis helps in anxiety management. That established, the next thing that pops open is, if it’s that simple then why do some people conclude that cannabis made their anxiety worse. And, that my friend, is the catch. When people fail to understand the kind of anxiety they have, they end up blaming cannabis.

Remember, cannabis has THC as well as CBD. And both these cannabinoids have different effects on the brain and body. Therefore, it’s the type of anxiety that you should consider when consuming any of these 2 substances.

1. THC gives a euphoric feeling. Which is why it offers amazing results for people who suffer from depression-induced anxiety.
2. CBD, on the other hand, is a calming cannabinoid. Thus, it is very safe and very effective for people suffering from panic attacks and social anxiety.

Now, imagine being suffering from anxiety due to panic attacks and then consuming THC, it will, but of course, lead to more anxiety. Which is why, if you’re not taking it for recreational purposes and are, in general, an anxious person, it’s a good idea to start safe – use CBD and monitor the results before switching to THC.

Another allegation that cannabis suffers from is that it causes hallucinations. And that mostly happens in stains with high THC content. That, again, is not the fault of the herb.

When you fail to monitor your doze and take it in abundance that’s when hallucinations kick in. That’s exactly what happens with all sorts of other medications as well. So, as long as you ensure that you don’t overuse THC, you will, most likely, never hallucinate.

Yet another method to consume cannabis when dealing with anxiety is making a mixture of THC and CBD and then consuming it. Another tip is that eating cannabis in edibles is better for anxiety management.

Fascinating Factors About Cannabis and Anxiety Relation

An interesting fact about cannabis is that it has 3 types of terpenes – limonene, linalool, and beta-caryophyllene.

• If it’s depression-induced anxiety, it’s limonene that’s most effective.
• If you want something to calm you down and help you sleep better, then linalool is what you need.
• If you want the benefits of mild euphoria as well as better sleep, it’s beta-caryophyllene that’ll help you.

All in all, cannabis is indeed a herb that helps in anxiety management when taken right.