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Cannabis emerged as the real winner of the US presidency run. With the election of Biden, there have been hopes that the Cannabis legalization bill will be passed in December. Besides, there’s maximum hope that the criminal charges against people with possession of marijuana will be removed and/or made less severe.

In fact, the election of Biden as the US President made the cannabis stocks skyrocket in no time. The cannabis giants like Canopy Growth recorded a surge of 10% in sales and Aurora Cannabis, another major canna producer, recorded nearly 20% increase in sales.

The hopes of legalization all across the US has attracted major investors too. Giants like Corona owner Constellation Brands – the main investors in the Canopy Growth company – are willing to put more money in the cannabis market.

Other than the monetary benefits that the government is bound to achieve through legalizing marijuana, there are some other understated, yet very promising, benefits of legalizing marijuana. Some of those reasons include the following.

  • Marijuana has produced enough scientific evidence that it can be used as a stress reliever and a pain buster. Thus, legalizing it will make it more accessible for people suffering from anxiety.

  • Legalization will bring down black marketing that’ll automatically reduce the crime rate.

  • More often than not, it’s poor quality marijuana that affects health badly. So, making cannabis legal will mean that the customers will have many high-quality options.

  • Half the crime in the US and Mexico border will automatically reduce with the legalization of marijuana since it won’t have to cross the border illegally anymore. Which means, half the prisons will empty up in no time.

Some of the more surprising factors about cannabis are as follows.

  • Cannabis is much safer than cigarettes that are legal. In fact, it’s, in no way, more dangerous than alcohol. Since alcohol has no restrictions, there’s actually no real reason that Cannabis should be illegal. In fact, whilst alcohol causes addiction and can be deadly, Cannabis is not an addictive substance. Ergo, not even a single mortality has ever been registered due to cannabis consumption anywhere in the world.

  • As surprising as it might sound, but legalizing marijuana can alone raise as much as $106.7 billion that is a big number.

Not to forget, Cannabis is a herbal plant – its roots, leaves, and buds, everything falls under the herbal category. So, no wonder that Biden’s win has actually soared the weed stocks and the future looks bright.