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No matter where you are from, amidst this pandemic situation, it is best to be safe and stay indoors and not going out unless it is an emergency. This also includes your trip to your local dispensary for your favored strain of marijuana. But sometimes you need to go out whether to restock your stash or just to check what’s new in the shop. Remember to wear a mask and sanitize yourself as much as possible.

We have all been stocking up marijuana in our house for the sake of consumption and to keep ourselves safe. But sometimes, the cannabis that you stock up can get contaminated with molds or can get dried up, which is not at all ideal for consumption. There are many ways to store marijuana in your house but very few methods help you to keep the buds fresh and increase the longevity of the weed. One such method is to vacuum sealing the marijuana.

Long-term storing of cannabis

The best way to store cannabis for long-time usage is to store them in an air-tight container and out of sight. The latter is just to make sure to keep them safe. As we all know, humidity can affect your weed and can reduce the potency of the buds, making them useless and a waste of money. Storing in an airtight and cold situation makes the buds long last. The best temperature is around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does vacuum sealing your marijuana extend its longevity?

Whether you are using an airtight jar, ziplock bag, or vacuum sealing your buds, these methods can prevent the weed from drying out and forming molds. Studies have shown that vacuum sealing the marijuana works best among all the methods, and with some strains, they can even last for a year and a half. By vacuum sealing the weed, you are not only preventing dust and particles from contaminating your buds, but also preventing humidity and air to get inside the flower. Plastic bags such as zip locks are cheap to find, but can easily destroy the trichomes present in the marijuana when kept in a dry cold place.

Thus, when you vacuum seal small portions of marijuana, it not only adds to its longevity but also prevents its potency from running out. It never hurts to be extra cautious about your marijuana, after all, good weed is not cheap, and you only deserve the best.