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The marijuana market globally is expanding with each passing day. The market that was previously dominated by marijuana buds and flowers is now witnessing a new entrant: the concentrates. Cannabis flowers and buds have always been the top priority for people over years due to their flavor and aroma. Raw plant consumption has been known for years due to more of a tradition and the high it gives. But today, the concentrates are opening up new avenues.

The concentrates are the oil that is extracted from the flowers and the buds. The oil consumption increases the potency of the strain to a much higher extent and this makes it far stronger than the flower consumption. The effect also depends massively on the consumption degree. To understand deeply, let us explore the benefits of both the flowers and the concentrates.

The flowers

Flowers have always been a tradition of marijuana consumption. But there are reasons why they were highly preferred. The flowers gave the best entourage effect and it was quite great. The consumption was not just limited to the flowers but expanded to the whole plant. The consumption led to the intake of cannabinoids like THC, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and a wide range of other cannabinoids. This combination helps create a unique high altogether. The availability of the flowers and the plants makes it easier to buy them from dispensaries at much cheaper costs. However, the flowers are not getting acknowledged today.  This is because they are not effective in delivering instant high to a person. Plus, they also contain unchecked intake of THC. Further, it also gets ineffective if the consumer is highly tolerant of the entourage.

The concentrates

Concentrate consumption is known to be better than flowers. One can easily consume them through a simple dab or mixing them in a drink. The versatility of the usage and the high potency of the product is what is making it highly appealing. This product also has a spectrum of usage in the medical as well as the adult market. The consumption helps reach the desired dosage quicker than flowers could do. The concentrates or the edibles also have a longer onset time as compared to dabs or smoking.

So concentrates are a great product that comes with a price tag. They are prepared through solvent-less methods that make it a top-shelf product and that is all-natural, demanding your attention right away.