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How to Grow Weed Indoors?

Even for less experienced growers, there is nothing as simple as growing marihuana indoors. If you want to get started with indoor marijuana cultivation, this simple guide will help you solve all the little doubts that you always have at first. Before continuing, be warned it is not a miracle guide, with which you can learn how to grow in two minutes; you must read slowly and understand everything explained in it, just so you can be successful with indoor cannabis cultivation, obtaining good results.

To begin with, the first step is choosing the right cannabis seeds to grow. Not all seeds are equal, and they vary widely with respect to their effects, structure, flavour, and flowering time. If you are a grower who is still learning, we certainly recommend you to start cultivating Indica varieties because they are simpler to grow and bloom in short time (about eight weeks). Read the guide to see the features of each type of marijuana.

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Once you have chosen the variety of marijuana you want to grow, you can begin the germination process. It is a very simple process, but to do it properly, you must have patience and devote about two to four days, as you can see in the guide describing how to germinate marijuana seeds.

Once the seeds have germinated, it is time to plant them in pots. Marijuana plants are characterized by a very sensitive i.e. very bad root system. So, you need to use a small pot (about three liters) size for the seed to grow during the first weeks. Once the seed has grown and its roots have completely colonized the pot (occupied the pot), then transplant it to a larger pot of, say 12 liters, where it continues to the flowering cycle. Do not miss this simple guide describing how to plant marijuana.

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That is a simple process of choice, and planted seed germination. So you ask – what do I need for my greenhouse?

The next important thing to organize is the growing space- a room we do not use will be ideal. It can be the ideal place to establish the new crop of Marihuana. As for good indoor marijuana cultivation, you need to verify some parameters such as humidity or temperature; it is recommended that you use a grow cabinet, which can be purchased at any Grow Shop, or manufacture yourselves, if you have the skills to do it on your own.

Assuming that you are regular users of one or two joints a day, and as we take the culture to the fullest, to have marijuana for personal use for a few months, you can opt for cabinet cultivation of one square meter, in which you can put a nine-storey medium size (you can add more number of plants with advanced farming techniques such as SOG, but we’ll explain how to do a simple crop another time we’ll talk about the advanced techniques).

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You may already have a wardrobe for Marijuana cultivation. For example, a wardrobe measuring a square meter by two meters (six feet or height). Now you must prepare the cabinet to grow a decent crop of marijuana inside. Place an Intractor and an air extractor so that fresh air always enter the cabinet, and stale and hot air comes out of it. The effect is that your plants will get quality air, with which it can perform photosynthesis.

The exhaust air outlet can be attached to the box in disguised form such as blind or window, so that everything comes out stale air. To avoid odor problems, and stop the neighbors from complaining, put a charcoal filter inside the cabinet, coupled to an exhaust fan. Thus, all the air goes out and there will be no odor because the filter will remove them.

We have solved the air flow problem in cabinet with an RVK Intractor 125 125 A1 and L1 RVK extractor. The L1 model is stronger than the A1 as an extractor model because the charcoal filter subtracts a little strength, and compensates the input power and output air. A very good trick for closet to have the same flow air inlet and air outlet is to put a potentiometer to Intractor and extractor, and wait until a continuous flow is obtained. It will avoid the closet “vacuum” effect, which occurs when more air that goes hard, while the balloon effect is observed when more air enters the departure (the cabinet walls bend inward), or (the closet is inflated like a balloon).

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Next, it is the time to install the lighting system. Although it might sound complicated, it is actually very simple. For the first few weeks of growing cannabis plants, you need not spend a lot of light. A low power lamp 200w (CFL) will be enough to light the plants during the first two weeks of life. You must choose a CFL lamp white light. As you know, growing marihuana indoors is divided into two cycles- the growth stage and flowering stage. The growth cycle requires white light with predominantly blue tones, while the flowering cycle requires a more yellow light with predominantly reddish tones. That is why the low energy we use to light up our plants during the first weeks of life must be white tone.

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Once past the two weeks of life, the plants will start to use more amount of light. To grow marijuana indoors, there is nothing more efficient than the Metal Halide, which is a type of discharge lamp (works with an external transformer) that provides a very powerful white light, ideal for marijuana. For a closet measuring a square meter by two meter high, a Metal Halide (MH) 400w lamp is ideal for optimum growth.

You must let it grow for two or four weeks more, until they reach the height you want for the plants (always knowing that during the flowering stage they will double in size in the case of Indica varieties and triple in size if it is Sativa variety). For two meters high, assuming that you are growing Indica varieties, a good size before passing them to blooming stage is about fifty or sixty centimeters (about four or five weeks of growth since you planted the seeds).

You should never spend the flowering plants with less than four or five weeks of growth because they are not sexually mature and look glean excess light, instead of flowering (stretch too). Once the plants reach an optimum size, it’s time to pass them to bloom; for this new cycle, you’ll need a more yellow light with red tones and for that, nothing’s better than a discharge lamp sodium vapor (HPS ), which will work with an external transformer.


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The light cycle (photoperiod) is also what determines the stage of growth and flowering. For indoor crops, the growth stage typically needs 18 hours of continuous light and 6 hours of darkness, or 24 hours of continuous light, depending on the rush in which you have to grow and the money that you spend for the electricity bill. For continuous flowering cycle, use 12 hours of light and 12 hours of total darkness throughout the cycle until the day of harvest.

For a closet of one square meter with a 400w sodium vapor lamp, you can make all the flowering cycle, but if you seek maximum production, it would be best to use 600w. Note that discharge Metal halide lamps such as sodium vapor get very hot when in operation, so you need to control the temperature inside the cabinet with the help of Intractor. An exhaust flow can help regulate air temperature and keep it around 25 or 27 degrees Celsius when the light is on and 22 or 25 degrees when it is off. If you live in an area where it is very hot, you should make light work at night because the room temperature may get lower and the air entering the cabinet will be cooler.

If the temperature is still too high, you must find a cooler place to put the closet cultivation or otherwise use other lighting systems such as LED lighting.

What you have called “transformative” for the lighting system, actually known as “ballast”, it is responsible for converting the AC mains supply current specified for discharge lamps. It is essential to use ballast with such lamps and no doubt it is recommended to buy electronic adjustable ballast with which you can vary the intensity of light (the same ballasts used to Lamp Metal Halide and for Steam Sodium).

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Well, now that we have seen the lighting system to be used, let us consider other parameters that we monitored during cultivation of marijuana, such as moisture. For optimum growth, the relative humidity should be 60% or 70% (during the growing season). If the humidity inside the closet is lesser, you cannot do anything to fix it or you can incorporate a humidifier into the closet.

For the flowering cycle, the humidity should be lower so that it does not affect the buds to be formed. Humidity level of above 40% or 50% is suitable for the flowering cycle.

Another important factor is the substrate that you use in your pots. They must be high quality substrate, specific for growing marijuana. Actually, you can grow cannabis in any type of substrate, but the specifics are best for best results. You can buy them at any Grow Shop for very little money.

The irrigation water and fertilizers are also very important factors. It’s also essential to have the correct acidity level of water for best results. In this guide, you will see how it does, and what is the PH and EC.

It is very important not to go crazy with fertilizers; do not abuse them because the plants will not grow faster; on the contrary, the plants can saturate and grow much worse or even die. If you use quality soil, it is not necessary to fertilize until the third or fourth week. It is during the flowering cycle that you will need to pay more consistently and progressively so that the buds develop properly and give a fantastic output. The best fertilizer for growing marijuana is definitely Powder Feeding.

And with this, you plants will flourish. In the case of Indica varieties, they will need about eight weeks for flowering. You can harvest them and dry them properly, as you can see in the following guide: How to dry marijuana.

If you have any doubt, leave it in the comments and we’ll try to help you resolve them.