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How to Grow Weed Outdoors?

Outdoor marijuana cultivation is possibly one of the easiest ways to grow cannabis, much easier than interior cultivation and also much cheaper because the sunlight is free and you need not pay any electric bill. Although quite simple, we must consider some factors to get fruitful results and ensure that our cultivation provides us with a good and rich production.

Following the simple steps in this guide, we can perform outdoor marijuana growing successfully in our garden or mountain (guerrilla growing). All we have to do is spend the next five minutes to carefully read the advice given here and be patient during the process of cultivation.

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When to Plant Marijuana Outdoors?

Outdoor crops require temperate or warm climate so that our plants can develop properly. Marijuana plants do not grow and develop well at low temperatures; below 15 degrees Celsius they begin to show signs of weakening and below 10 º Celsius they stop growing. We must wait until spring or summer to start outdoor growing. During those seasons, it does not freeze at night and so crops can grow smoothly.

It is advisable to make the germination during spring so that they have all summer to grow and we can reap large leafy plants (except auto flowering varieties that can be planted in summer without problem).

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What Variety Cannabis Should I Plant Outdoors?

Much of it depends on the area where you live; go to the area where you want to place the crop. If for example, you live in a place with very warm weather and near the sea, you must look for varieties that can withstand heat well, such as sativa varieties. Again within sativa varieties, you should opt for seeds that hold moisture well as the areas near the sea have a fairly high level of moisture that could cause mold problems in the plants.

If, however, you live in the mountains in an area where temperatures are not very high, Indica varieties are more appropriate, and more resistant to cold and do not require extensive summer to bloom properly.

You can see all kinds of varieties on the following link: Types of Marijuana


Can I Plant in My Garden or in the Bush/Mountain?

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. It is certainly better to have close crop, to observe it, and water it daily if necessary. But sometimes, cultivating in our garden may not be possible, so mountain cultivation can be a very interesting option. Always looking for a good place to do it.


Crop Terrace or Garden

It is usually performed in pots or containers of large capacity, where the plants can develop roots and grow to a good size. It is advisable to germinate seeds indoors and grow plants indoors for the first few weeks, until they reach a certain size. We can plant them outside when they are more or less a foot high; the plants will now be stronger and more resistant to insects and adverse weather conditions. A newly germinated plant is always weaker.

Outdoor lighting cycles in the brand’s nature, so we opt for watering only when the soil is dry and use natural preservatives against insects such as neem oil by spraying.

When the flowering cycle begins (see the formation of pre-flowers and flowers that are then converted into beautiful buds), start using a fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium (PK) in irrigation for a more abundant production.

Cultivation in terrace or garden is not very difficult.


Guerrilla Growing (in monte or mountain)

This type of cultivation can be a bit more complicated since we must take many factors into account to develop decent and productive crops. Selecting a good place is a must, may be a little busy site. Away from urbanized areas, we can grow crops with great discretion- somewhere that is accessible to us and should not be trespassed by tourists or trekkers.

We will need lots of water for irrigation throughout the growing season. So, if we look for a site near a river, lake or reservoir, we can get water from there. But if we choose a site that does not have water nearby, we can create a small artificial pond that is filled with water during the rainy season so that we can use it later.

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After selecting the perfect site for cultivation, we must dig a hole in the ground (about a meter deep) and fill it with good quality soil, bought from a Grow Shop or grow tent. It must be special soil for cannabis, which is more loose and light, thus promoting the development of roots.

Sow the cannabis seeds here and water them, though he recommended is out already sprouted and a few weeks of growing plants, and so are more resistant to the media (insects, rain , etc …).

The growth system is very similar to cultivation in a garden or terrace; we must water only when the soil is dry and make natural insecticide sprays like Neem oil, so that the insects do not attack the plants.

It is advisable to add a small metalized go around the plants for protection from small mammals and insects. Another good tip is to make a circle around the plant with coffee grounds and not slugs come out to our plant.

During the flowering stage, when the plants show the first flowers, begin using a fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium (PK) for a more abundant production.

Remember that after harvesting it is essential to perform a good drying and curing process to obtain the highest quality as explained here: drying and curing marijuana

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments and we will help you solve it  🙂