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Many years ago, flavors of different strains of marijuana were highly valued, be it the sweet citrus hues, fruity or the bitter ones. Lemon Skunk is certainly one variety with a taste and smell that has a more intense citrus flavor. If you like pleasing citrus flavors, particularly the smell and taste of pure lemon, you just cannot stop yourself from growing and smoking this amazing variety.

Lemon Skunk is not known for exorbitant production or being ultra-short, but few things to highlight are bloom, smell, and incredibly intense taste. The amount of resin produced is very high, making this variety a great choice for any type of extraction. Its effect is strong, intense, and lasting.

This incredible variety that we enjoy today is the result of crossing major Citral Skunk selections. Its fresh scent is very citrusy, as mentioned above, pure lemony. Once dried, the buds’ smell lingers though with somewhat less intensity due to dehydration. But, just grind the buds a little to realize what citrus flavor is. The taste is also very much like its smell: very citrusy, lemony, and light that will last on your palate for a while. It does not have much intensity as its smell if smoked conventionally (joint) due to combustion, but if we make vaporized or BHO (Butane Hash Oil) it is really amazing. 

[cml_media_alt id='2778']lemon skunk[/cml_media_alt]

Its cultivation presents no complications – it holds almost everything. It is one of those “all-terrain” varieties that even the farmers can grow. When cultivated indoors, Lemon Skunk will be ready to be harvested after eight weeks, while in outdoor cultivation, plants can be harvested in late September (in the northern hemisphere). 

[cml_media_alt id='2779']lemon skunk tricomas[/cml_media_alt]

Structurally, it is a highly branched plant, high tip tripling in size during flowering. It produces very tight, resinated buds, which is a real treat for consumers. 

[cml_media_alt id='2780']LemonSkunkthc[/cml_media_alt]

You can buy these seeds in packs of 3, 5 or 10 seeds. We always recommend buying original and unopened packages, so that the seed quality is guaranteed. If you have any questions about this variety, send them to us through the comments and we will help you resolve them 🙂