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When to harvest weed : Cannabis cultivation requires a good deal of time and efforts; the standard duration is at least three months after the seeds germinate. It is therefore very important to know when it’s the right time to harvest and when to cut marihuana plants for maximum production and profit.

Like all fruits, buds should be harvested when they correspond and you can cut them a little before losing production and the optimal maturity of trichomes. Knowing when is the optimum time is very simple if you follow the simple steps explained below.

Remember that a successful harvest is not everything; you must also ensure a good cure for many of the cannabinoids interact and are transformed, as the THCA to THC becomes active. Do not miss the entry: How to dry Weed

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When Should I Cut Marijuana Plants?

When trichomes reach their optimum maturity, the first thing to do is inform seed banks of the variety you are growing and they will guide you over the weeks flowering need the variety that we cultivate. So, if for example you are cultivating Super Lemon Haze, you should expect about ten weeks (speaking of indoor crops) or wait until mid-October (for outdoor cultivation).

When the time specified by the seed bank (that sells this variety)is met, pay special attention to the trichomes. The heads of the trichomes develop as they mature. At the beginning, they are transparent and then go on to be whitish when ripe become brown ending or almost black once they have matured in excess.

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The optimum point for harvesting is when the plants (when observed under a microscope or good camera), show between 10% and 15% brown hair.

Some are based on the oxidation of pistils, which is also noticeable although less reliable. A PK also causes excessive oxidation of early pistils and that does not mean it’s the optimal time to harvest. Noting the pistils and trichomes, you can verify whether it is time to cut the cannabis plants or you should wait a few weeks.

There are growers who indicate that if harvested a few days before optimal ripening, a greater psychoactive effect is achieved when smoking these buds. On the other hand, if left to mature a little more than usual a more narcotic effect is achieved. This is partly true and partly uncertain; we will explain a bit for you to observe the keys and the errors.

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When you harvest just before the optimum time, if a more intense effect is achieved, it is because most trichomes are at their peak THC production, when all the hair are whitish. When harvested shortly after the optimal point, a more narcotic effect is not achieved. It becomes possible to obtain more amount of CBD because some trichomes have matured in excess and the THC degrades (losing some psychoactive intensity).

Whether the plant is more or less active in the brain or body level (narcotic), is determined by the variety, not the flowering time that you apply. With flowering time, you can play a little with the intensity; there’s a more powerful effect if you cut a few days before the optimum time or less powerful if you cut a few days later. But the kind of effect-more brain or body (narcotic) is determined solely by the variety.

It is advisable to harvest at the optimum time, because you can get a perfect balance between taste and effect. If you have any questions, leave it in form of comments and we will help you solve them 🙂