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One of the things that cannabis growers must decide is whether or not to introduce supplemental carbon dioxide (CO2) into their growing environment. To boost the CO2 content of their growing environments, growers must use their space more efficiently through the sped-up growth and increased yields that subsequently take place. If you are looking to use CO2 in your cannabis growing rooms, the following information is for you:

Why CO2 is Important When Growing Cannabis

CO2 is a gas that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It does not have a taste and odor. It is a natural occurrence in the Earth’s atmosphere. CO2 is important for the cannabis plant to survive. When carefully managed, CO supplementation can increase a cannabis harvest’s overall yield. Growers must understand that CO2 is heavier than air, so it tends to move in a downward direction.

CO2 does not have an impact on pot potency. Rather, CO2 enrichment makes cannabis plants grow around 30% faster. With increased atmospheric CO2, plants will transform CO2 into glucose and oxygen. CO2 speeds up the photosynthesis process by saturating all the active sites of the enzymes to allow for maximum growth.

Benefits of Using CO2 Enrichment

The majority of commercial cannabis growers use CO2 because of the limited amount of space in which to grow their crops. When they hasten every cannabis crop with supplemental CO2, they can fit an additional crop in their annual rotation without expanding their facility’s size. An extra crop means more profit. And because CO2 is a naturally-occurring substance, it is a low-cost option for growers that don’t have harmful side effects when used moderately.

Things to Consider Before Adding CO2

Before growers add CO2 into their growing environment, they must consider whether their growing space already offers what they need in terms of adequate airflow, light, and growing medium. Also, soil considerations must come before CO considerations. Growing spaces must have a tight seal for the plants inside to enjoy the full benefits of supplemental CO2. Growers need to know the amount of CO2 present before they can estimate how much CO2 they can add for the health of their plants. That is why they must own a CO2 monitoring system to track ambient CO2 levels.

The addition of CO2 benefits growers who desire a bigger crop in a shorter amount of time. Adding CO2 can cause plants to grow heartier stems and bigger fan leaves.