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If you are willing to go a mile further to get a new strain, Squirt could be an option. Among the rare strains out there, Squirt comes from Humboldt Seed Company, and its lineage includes Tangie and Blueberry Muffin #10. In this quick review, we are sharing all that’s available about Squirt – After all, this isn’t your regular strain at the dispensary!

The basics

For the uninitiated, this is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain (some websites did mention that it was an indica-dominant strain!), which is cross between Tangie and Blueberry Muffin strains. The taste of this strain is somewhere a mix of sweet and sour, with evident citrus flavors and touch of spice. You are unlikely to find this strain to grow, unless you buy it directly from Humboldt Seed Company, but if you do, this must be done indoors. The flowering time is somewhere around 50 days, although detailed information is not available. Keep in mind that the seeds are expensive, so beginners may want to get cured buds, to know the experience, before growing.

What to expect?

Squirt is not your average strain. The THC content is at around 17%, which may seem lower than many other hybrids, but Squirt creates a sense of relaxation and cerebral high that are hard to match. So, how does Squirt fare for medical cannabis users? Users who used Squirt for medical needs reported a sense of calmness and ease, and this could be a potent strain for those dealing with chronic pain. Squirt may also work for those with stress, depression, and nausea. The strain can induce appetite, so make sure that you have enough access to food. While people do feel clear-headed, this is not the ideal strain to boost creativity. You may feel too relaxed and happy to do anything at all!

When to use?

Squirt may be sativa-dominant, but you may want to reserve this one for evening use. The strain does induce calmness and makes one feel really relaxed, besides boosting mood. Not the best strain to sleep though – You may feel energized, calm, and may have a bodily high, but not exactly high enough to hit the couch.

Final word

If you are a fan of strains that are anything but ordinary, give a shot to Squirt. This strain should work for beginners, as well, but we would recommend that you go slow, to know how Squirt works for you!