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Today, many cannabis users prefer the oil form of marihuanainstead of smoking, vaporizing or eating the buds. Oil consumption has many benefits compared to traditional consumption, since all the leftover plant material is removed to get only the cannabinoids. During the traditional consumption of marijuana (smoking a joint), you inhale not only psychoactive substances but also tar and carcinogens.

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Any burning plant material produces tars and carcinogens, which is inevitable. Therefore,it can be said that oil consumption is much healthier than eating buds traditionally. An alternative to oil consumption could be vaporization of marijuana, which decreases consumption of tars and carcinogens in large proportion. In countries where marijuana is legal and used as medicine, cannabis vaporizers are available in hospitals for patients who need it.

Speaking in non-technical way, cannabis oil is the concentration of cannabinoids on floor in pure (or nearly pure form) depending on the solvent used for extraction. There are two methods of oil extraction, both equally effective.

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Quick Wash Iso(QWISO)

This technique is personally my favourite.It’s clean and simple with just little complications and although wait two or three days to develop the process, it is safer to consider this when compared to the second technique.

To dissolve the cannabinoids found within thetrichomes of cannabis plants, you need to use some solvent after evaporation that does not leave any residue (to avoid consuming/smoking remains of solvent). To develop this technology,you can use isopropyl alcohol or pure ethanol; both are sold in pharmacies.

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The technique is very simple.Put the buds or trimmings with trichomes that you want to use for extraction inside a glass jar. Place that jar in the freezer and leave it there for a couple of hours, so that all the herbs freeze well (if we introduce very dense buds, it’s good to grind a bit).

After two hours, take the pot and pour is oporopílico alcohol or ethanol to completely cover all traces (must be fully covered by the alcohol).

Leave it to soak for thirty seconds and then (with the tightly closed jar logically) shake it vigorously for another thirty seconds, so that alcohol is perfectly blended with all plant matter. After this, alcohol dissolves all trichomes (trichome heads which is what we want) and drags all cannabinoids.

Once these two steps are done, strain the product with the help of a coffee filter. Put thatat the bottom of a large pan that has sufficient surface for the alcohol to evaporate. A baking tray orPyrex classic glass is an excellent choice. When pouring the contents of the can using a coffee filter, all unnecessary vegetable matter is removed, which will be trapped in the filter, letting it to fall into the Pyrex tray alcohol with dissolved trichomes? This step can be done with a coffee filter or two- one above the other, depending on the amount of impurities (plant material) contained in the pot you agitated.

Now that you have the alcohol on a clean pyrex tray, let it evaporate at its own pace- something that will take one to two days. Put a fan on low power close to that so that it helps evaporate the alcohol, although this should never point directly to the tray, so that the air is never directly on the alcohol. In one or two days, all the alcohol would have evaporated and with the help of a knife pick up all the oil left on the pan Pyrex. Nowmarihuana oil is ready for consumption.

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As a tip, leave the tray in fresh water for the alcohol to evaporate at its own pace. Remember that alcohol vapor is highly flammable, so it’s recommended to prepare the evaporation process in well ventilated areas like rooms with open windows where there is no media for combustion (spark or flame). Never smoke while performing this process as it is very dangerous.

Cannabis oil obtained can be consumed by combustion, ingested, applied to the skin or you can even apply by suppository. Depending on the condition being treated, it is most convenient one way or another.

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Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

This technique is somewhat more complicated than the previous one, although preferred by many growers. The solvent used here is liquid gas, so it is very important to take safety measures. There should be no flames or sparks in the area and itshould not be done indoors – it must be done in an open and well ventilated place and the person who performs the process should wear mask and gloves for safety.

All these measures are given because when using alcohol as solvent liquid, this gas escapesalong the process and evaporates very quickly, creating a large bag of gas that could explode with the slightest mistake. There are growers who have performed this technique without taking precautions and blown their kitchen or room for not following the safety tips. What is obvious is that the more precautions you take to develop this technique, the process will be safer.

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Crush the marijuanayou want to use- whether buds or crop residues. After all, these residues will be put in a tube made of surgical steel or borosilicate glass, especially for extraction of BHO. These tubes are made ​​with a hole at the top through which the gas enters.By introducing several holes in the bottom, the gas after passing through a filter exits as a liquid and evaporates almost instantaneously.

After the plant material enters the steel tube and is completely full, close the tube and proceed to literally inject gas, but in discontinuous jets streak. We need all plant material to be introduced into the tube from freezing, so we will give small injections of gas continuously until completion of the first gas canister.

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Following the first boat gas, apply the second gas canister continuously until finalization. You’ll see how the bottom of the steel tube begins to leave the gas in liquid form, which will fall on the pyrex glass tray previously registered for this purpose. Evaporation will be almost instantaneous, while creating a cloud of gas, so this technique is fundamental.

You will see that the gas that falls almost hierbepyrex tray is due to the change of temperature is normal and you need not worry. When evaporation of gas is complete, apply a “bath” in thepyrex pan (using as a water heater or oven, which does not produce sparks or flames).

The bath should be applied at low temperatures, so that the gas that could be trapped in the oil evaporates. Help oil constantly with the help of a knife, so that all small gas bubbles trapped in the oil begin to evaporate. This process can take a few hours to let the oil bubble free.

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As an aid to remove gas bubbles, use a vacuum bell, which helps removal of the gas. Depending on the force of the suction bell to be applied, more or fewer sessions may be needed in the hood until the bubbles are completely gone. Once all the gas bubbles are gone, the oil is ready to be consumed.

As a tip, using a gas without impurities is most recommended. The gas “Hummingbird” is not presumed to leave impurities, though each grower has their own ideals on which gas to use.

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As you can see, both methods are effective for making marihuanaoil- one is somewhat more complicated and dangerous than the other. If you have no experience with this type of extraction, we recommend you perform them with the help of an experienced grower, so that you can observe the proper functioning. If you have any questions, leave it in the comments and we will help to solve them.